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Frequently Asked Questions
Issue: I didn’t receive an initial activation email.
Solution: Check your Junk Mail or Spam folder for an email from mail@managesmartstart.com.
Issue: I want to change the phone number for my SMS alerts.
Solution: You can change your existing SMS alert phone number information at www.mysmartstart.com.
Issue: I received an Error 4 message.
Solution: You need to renew your service by purchasing a new service plan at www.mysmartstart.com.
Issue: I received an Error 5 message.
Solution: Make sure you have entered your user name and password correctly in the app and the password is the most recent one sent to your email address. NOTE: if you have an Apple device with iOS5 please see the “Known Issues” list on the previous page.
Issue: I have problems with my current device and am having my dealer exchange the hardware.
Solution: Directed Electronics must manage the exchange process to ensure the existing service plan is transferred to the new device. Please have your dealer contact Directed Electronics for the service exchange.
Issue: I received an error 30 message.
Solution: Please check “Known Issues” for Sprint handsets and Apple devices with iOS5 on the previous page. If one of those does not resolve your issue please check your handset connectivity for current data session (i.e. 3G network, 4G network, WiFi connectivity). Error 30 essentially means that your login or command request did not receive a server response.
Issue: I have a BlackBerry phone that is not supported.
Solution: Please visit the “Known Issues” for BlackBerry devices on the previous page.
Issue: I have a SmartStart system and want to upgrade to SmartStartGPS.
Solution: Please go to your local Directed authorized dealer and arrange for your existing module to be replaced by your new SmartStart GPS device. The dealer will install the hardware and attach the new device to your existing SmartStart account. When that is complete you must contact Customer Service if you want to get a discount promotional code for a GPS service plan.
Issue: I want to get SmartStartGPS but I’m looking for a smokin’ deal.
Solution: Customers purchasing and activating SmartStartGPS after 11/1/11 are eligible for a $100 rebate good thru Jan 31, 2012; please visit www.directed.com/freeprize from your smartphone for details and a rebate form.
Issue: I own an Android phone and am receiving one of the following errors (1, 2, 3, 4, 8 or 9).
Solution: Go to phone> Settings> Applications> Manage Applications> Directed or Viper> Press Force Stop, Clear Data, and try to use the app again. If error messages persist, repeat processes above followed by Uninstall, and re-install the app again from the Android Market. NOTE: you will need to re-enter your user name and password for this process.
Issue: Where do I find the Viper SmartStart app for my phone?
Solution: Please go to www.viper.com/smartstart/free from your smartphone for a direct link to the app.
Issue: I received an Error 12 or 24 message.
Solution: Occasional error 12 messages can be a normal occurrence caused by factors such as network coverage or congestion and vehicle location. If error 12 messages occur 100% of the time please contact Customer Service so we can check your account, service plan and device status. NOTE: please see “Known Issues” on previous page for SmartStart GPS devices.
Issue: I received an Error 25 message.
Solution: Make sure your vehicle is parked outside with a clear view of the sky. If error 25 is still received contact Customer Service so we can check your GPS device status over the air.
Issue: I need to change my billing information.
Solution: Please contact Customer Service.
Issue: I logged into www.mysmartstart.com but I don’t see the option I need for purchasing or renewing a service plan.
Solution: Please contact Customer Service.
Issue: I accidently purchased the wrong service plan.
Solution: Please contact Customer Service.
Issue: I renewed a device with an expired service plan and now I can’t send commands to vehicle.
Solution: Please contact Customer Service.
Issue: I want to turn on [or off] SMS alerts.
Solution: Please contact Customer Service.
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