Remote Start your vehicle

to warm or cool its climate before travel.

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Real Time Status is Here

Get instant app updates to vehicle status just like with a 2-way remote.

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Fleet Service

for Small Businesses and Families.

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Stranded on the side of the road?

Free 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, roadside assistance
is available with all Viper Service Plans.

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Viper SmartStart Pro

Start, Control & Locate Your Vehicle From Virtually Anywhere!

A connected vehicle offers convenience and peace-of-mind. Control your vehicle from your smartphone, check in to see everything is as it should be, and track your tracks.


Use Your Smartphone to Manage, Monitor & Protect Your Vehicle

Remotely start your vehicle to warm or cool its climate before travel.

Lock your vehicle’s doors when you realize they may be unlocked!

Check your vehicle’s alarm system status to see whether it has been triggered.

Decipher your engine errors with Diagnostic Trouble Code explanations.



Location is Everything! Know Where Your Vehicle is at All Times

Locate your vehicle at anytime with Location-on-Demand.

Receive real-time vehicle alerts including Lockdown, Speed, and SmartFence violations.

Monitor multiple vehicles in a single account. Great for keeping eyes on your teenagers!

Get turn-by-turn directions to your vehicle with integrated maps.



Small Fleet & Family – Connect to and Manage All Your Vehicles.

Perfect for keeping track of families and small business fleets!

Driver behavior monitoring with harsh braking and cornering alerts.

Trip History with GPS breadcrumbs at near real-time frequencies.

Impact detection alerts notify when impact occurs.



Cutting-edge Location & Tracking for Powersports & Specialty Vehicles

Ultra-low power consumption designed for infrequently used vehicles.

Built for rugged environmental conditions so you can go through dirt and water.

Always know where your vehicle is and get movement alerts with the tilt sensor.

Remotely disable the starter on your vehicle to prevent unwarranted operation.



Free Roadside Assistance Included with Service Plans

Available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year for when the unexpected occurs.

Towing, Battery, Flat Tire & Lock-out help, and Fuel, Oil, Fluid & Water delivery.

By phone or through the Viper SmartStart app when pre-registered in the Viper Motor Club.

Comprehensive coverage provided within the United States and Canada.