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Support for Known Issues
To Our Customers:
If you are currently experiencing an issue with your SmartStart system please review the following known issues for information on resolving the problem.
  1. Issue: You own an HTC EVO on the Sprint network and you are receiving an error 30 message immediately after trying to log-in.

    Resolution: Please enter your email address below to receive a BETA app that addresses this problem. You will then be sent the proper file with installation instructions. Please note the file must be opened with a Gmail account.

    Email Address:      

  2. Issue: You own a new Blackberry phone that runs on OS 7 and you are unable to find an app for your phone in App World.

    Resolution: We do not have a dedicated app available at this time. However, you can use OS 6 version of your phone’s app. Enter your information below and the proper SmartStart app will be emailed to you.

    BlackBerry Handset Model:

    SmartStart App Brand:

    Email Address:      

  3. Issue: You are receiving an error message on your phone that has a (12 or 24) at the end, and problem has continued for more than 4 hours.

    Resolution: Please contact technical support at 1-800-753-0800 or email smartstartcustomersupport@directed.com so we can troubleshoot your device.
  4. Issue: I want to change my e-mail address.

    Resolution: Log in to your account, go to the Account Information page and click on the link "CHANGE MY EMAIL ADDRESS".
  5. Issue: You have an iPhone 4S or recently upgraded the operating system on your iPhone to iOS5 and the app no longer works.

    Resolution: We have seen a few different random issues on devices running iOS5. If you experience difficulty logging in, please try the following, in the order listed below:

    a) Delete and re-enter your username and password in the app, and try logging in again. You may need to submit the login request more than once, or have to close the app and launch it again, before the login is accepted. Do NOT use the Forgot or Change Password utilities as long as your login works correctly at mysmartstart.com (mysmartstart.ca for Canadian users).

    b) If those steps fail after several attempts, delete and re-install your app and follow step (a) again.

    c) Perform a hard reset on the phone by pressing and holding down the home and sleep buttons together until the apple logo appears.
  6. Issue: Where can I find a SmartStart service coverage map?

    Resolution: For US: click here. For Canada: click here.
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